About the EBY Company

The EBY Company


Founded in 1922, The EBY Company is a highly diversified manufacturer of standard and custom interconnect components and electromechanical assemblies. Our focus is on quality and customer service.

Located in Philadelphia, PA., Eby employs approximately 50 people in manufacturing, sales, and production design. Within it's 25,000 square feet of production area, Eby manufactures products widely utilized among various industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, military, automotive, and medical.

EBY offers an extensive product line which includes a wide selection of tip and test jacks, engineered to meet rigorous operating test requirements and available in a range of materials, mounting styles, and finishes - plus our precise, dependable card edge connectors - designed, tooled, and manufactured to your drawings and specifications.

EBY's printed circuit mountable terminal blocks - available in many different styles and configurations are one of the most cost effective on the market today. EBY also specializes in standard and custom sockets for a variety of applications and has been a pioneer in binding post technology since 1924. A complete listing and description of our products and services can be found on this website.

Military Approvals

EBY is government approved as a distributor to the military for CLASS 2 fasteners. EBY has barcoding and EDI capability.


Engineering, design and application support.


Fabricated to your requirements.


Custom electronics manufacturing since 1922.


Design, development, testing, and evaluation.


ISO 9002 Compliant.
MIL-I-45208 & MIL-Q-9858 Approved.

Providing the Highest Quality Products and Services to our Valued Customers