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Eby Custom Connectors (Interconnects)

Custom Connectors (Interconnects)In searching for feasible interconnect solutions, cost efficiency is but one of the many advantages associated with custom design. When specific technical, production, or usage requirements are driving your product design, then consider the broad scope of criteria that can be meet in "going custom."

• Application Driven
• Technology Driver
• State-of-the-Art Requirements
• Contract Requirements
• Device/Logic Restrictions
• Producability
• Cost Reduction Goals

Is your goal to second-source an existing design or solve a delivery problem? Do you have cost restrictions or a concern with your present supplier discontinuing a part you are using? Consider the custom connector solution. Today's design engineers have come to realize that custom connectors can save them money over the long run. Eby offers assistance in all aspects of design/development/fabrication. Let us help! EBY Connector Products....Solutions for Today and Tomorrow.

Quality Assurance

Eby management and work force are committed to the highest quality products and services. Eby Company is ISO 9002 compliant and has approvals with MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Q-9858. Our MIL-approved quality lab and up-to-the-minute expertise in SPC techniques allow us to meet a broad range of requirements.

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