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Card Edge Connectors

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Card Edge Connectors Eby's Card Edge Connectors:

  • Precise, Dependable, Very competitively-priced.
  • Available in many styles and models.

Choice of high reliability bifurcated bellows type or cantilever contacts. Round or square solder tails. Straight or right angle configurations. Our card edge connectors offer a large selection of contact positions and mounting types. Optional Tin, Gold, or selective Gold plating. Fast turnaround on custom card edge connectors, design, tooled, and manufactured to your DRAWING & SPECIFICATIONS.

Quality Assurance

Eby management and work force are committed to the highest quality products and services. Eby Company is ISO 9002 compliant and has approvals with MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Q-9858. Our MIL-approved quality lab and up-to-the-minute expertise in SPC techniques allow us to meet a broad range of requirements.

Standard Card Edge Connectors


CK Series (.100 x .150)
CY Series (.100 x .200)
CG Series (.125 x .250)
CW Series (.150 x .200)
CT Series (.156 x .188)
CL Series (.156 x .200)
CE Series (.156 Single Readout)

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