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Interconnect Requirements for Cable Assembly Design

1) Mechanical Requirements

a) Cable Type:

b) Cable Construction:
Conductor: Wire Gage:

Number of Conductors: (Signals: Grounds: Voltages: )

Conductor Insulation:
Type Overall Dia (Insulated Conductor)


Filler(s) Cord Marking Yes No


% Coverage Drain Wires: 1 2 Other

External: Yes No

Shield each Conductor      Pairs      Group of Conductors

c) Cable Rating:
UL Class Plenum CSA IEC

d) Strain Relief: Outer Shell: Yes No

Over Molded: Yes No    If Yes, Material

Connector Style Selected:

Side A Vendor and/or DWG number


Side B Vendor and/or DWG number

Additional Vendor and/or DWG number Are vendor equivalents acceptable? Yes No


Wire List Supplied: Yes No    or    Standard Interface Number

2) Electrical Requirements:

a) Current Rating: Voltage Rating
b) Special Requirement:

3) Test Requirements

4) Reliablility Goals

DWG Attached: Yes No



1) Application:
Military: Heavy Industrial Light Industrial Automotive
TELECOM Computer Medical Other or Required

2) Manufacturing

Start up Quantity: Phase in requirements:
Quantity over time period Quantity per year
Program Life Delivery Requirements

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